This Experience at Stonehenge takes you up close to this world-famous monument.

Book your Stone Circle Experience ticket and enjoy the privilege of stepping inside the world famous stone circle. Stonehenge is a "must see" for any visitor. This Stonehenge Private Access  offers something different, giving you privileged access, behind the ropes within the Stone Circle itself, walking among the stones. Also, if you’re serious about photography, the Stone Circle Experience offers the chance to get photos no one else will. You can get close-up shots of the stones, and if things line up well you can also get some pretty spectacular sunset or sunrise shots. Possibly the best selfie in the world!

On arrival you will be directed by your Stone Circle Experience host to the shuttle bus for the short journey to the stones. Please note this experience is NOT guided, you must book an independent tour guide or organised private access tour.

Once you arrive at the stones, you’re free to wander amongst them discovering all the fascinating details on these mighty sarsens and bluestones that are only visible up close,

While you're in the stone circle you can take as many photos as you like, or just marvel at their majesty, we only ask that you don’t stand on or touch the stones.  If your visit is in the morning the exhibition will be open from 9.30am. If your visit is after general admission visits close at 5pm you are welcome on site from 4pm to explore the visitor centre. The exhibition, shop and café close at 5pm.

Tickets for Stone Circle Experience visits are limited in availablity. You can try and book these tickets direct or we are happy to assist you with this process. If we cannot get you into the inner circle of Stonehenge then no one can! Tickets are eagerly sought after, often sold out weeks if not months ahead and need to be arranged well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Early Stonehenge Access Pioneers – The original and still the best!
We are a family company with 27 years of experience who concentrate purely on Stonehenge and the surrounding area. We pioneered the exclusive Stonehenge ‘Inner Circle Access’ experience and were the first commercial operator to offer this unique visit.  We continue to be the market leaders in exclusive sunrise and sunset tours.  We welcome customers back again and again.  Read our blog on the history of Stonehenge access
Others follow where we lead……………

Our expert guides can turn the amazing experience of seeing the stones for the first time, into an enlightening one

Our VIP special access tours! At sunrise or sunset, once the crowds have departed, we offer you the opportunity to venture beyond the fences, amongst the stones themselves. With a guide in toe, revel in the beauty of monoliths up close whilst learning about the origins in depth.We can arrange for a local Stonehenge expert to meet you at the visitor centre for a unique guided walking tour incuding Stonehenge and the surrounding landscape

Stonehenge is one hundered and fifty kilometers west of central London, in the county of Wiltshire on Salisbury Plain. The nearest town is Amesbury, the nearest public bus stop, three kilometers to the east. It is easier to join a Stonehenge coach tour from London, Salisbury or Bath and if your budget allows book a customised private guided tour of Stonehenge.

Visit our Stonehenge Tour Blog for more facts, history and all the latest Stonehenge news

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