Stonehenge sighsteeing trips departing from Salisbury. Take a guided tour from the city of Salisbury to Stonehenge and explore an area that has fascinated millions for generations and considered a national treasure!. See iconic Stonehenge and feel its power on a day trip from Salisbury. Discover the mystery of the pre-historic monument as you learn about the many theories explaining its origins and purpose.
We have half day, full day and transfer options from London, Salisbury, Bristol, Southampton and accross the South West of Britain.

We are based near Salisbury and conveniently close to the monument, making us ideally situated to assist with tours from far and wide for those who want an authentic Stonehenge experience. We live, breathe and sleep Stonehenge...

Visit Stonehenge. Guided alking tours with the tour experts
Stonehenge Guided Tours

Stonehenge Private Guided Tour With Expert Local Driver Guide.

A half day Stonehenge guided tour at an unbeatable price. The best way to truly learn about the ancient wonder of Stonehenge and its surrounding area; touring and examining the beauty, history and mythic background with an expert local guide.

From £29

Stonehenge Guided Tours

The Stonehenge hop-on hop-off tour from Salisbury.

A great way to discover the mysterious stones on a budget… Journey back in time to discover Stonehenge, probably the most sophisticated stone circle in the world.

Stonehenge Guided Tours

Stonehenge Private Access Inner Circle Tours from Salisbury

Exclusive Special Access Tour of Stonehenge. A unique to this guided tour is the sense of being in an ancient and sacred place; the combination of the natural and historic sights is simply spectacular.

Stonehenge Guided Tours

Stonehenge Access Experience Tour. Departure from Salisbury

Step back thousands of years in time and be inspired by the magnificence of Stonehenge close up. These tours will take you inside Stonehenge with special access to the inner circle in the evening or early morning.

£140 per adult