FEBRUARY 2023: There are no coronavirus COVID-19 restrictions in the UK.

There are currently no Covid-related restrictions on international travel to the UK. Arrivals no longer need to fill out a Passenger Locator Form before arriving in the UK. All tours and attractions are operating as normal. Welcome back!

STAY SAFE: Private Tour Option

Only want to travel with your family or chosen group? Why not book the entire vehicle and take a private tour! Choose any Stonehenge itinerary from only £49 per person! In the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic public transport and big coach tours has become less of a safe prospect and unsurprisingly less appealing. Social distancing is now essential for the wellbeing of the general populace as well as essential in blunting the spike in new Coronavirus cases. It can be hard maintaining proper social distancing measures on large coach group tours, so for the good U.K tourism, we are offering our private guided tour services as an alternative and crucially safe option.

Ultimately, Travel in the UK can be as safe and enjoyable as it always has been. Our exclusive Stonehenge private access tours visit Stonehenge before or after the monument is officially open to the public, missing all the crowds.has an abundance of rural tourist destinations which are as beautiful and historically laden as any in the cities. If you follow the critical advice from health experts and book privately, it is easy to stay totally safe and have a fascinating vacation simultaneously. So why not take the private tour option this year or next and keep your family safe, whilst still showing them the time of their lives!

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you on our tours!

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