Stonehenge, Salisbury and Avebury Archaeology Small Group Tour

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Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Avebury Stone Circle Archaeology Tour

Small Group Mini-Coach Tour (Maximum 19 Passengers). History lovers won’t want to miss out on this small group day guiided tour that covers the stone circles at Stonehenge and Avebury plus the tombs at West Kennet Long Barrow, led by a qualified archaeologist. Besides unique insights into the long-lost culture that created those iconic monuments, discover one of the region’s most significant historic cities, Salisbury, home to Salisbury Cathedral and the Magna Carta.

These are Archaeology Tours, and as a result we believe we offer an excellent up-to-date specialist service; giving you the opportunity to learn in great detail about these amazing prehistoric sites, but also leaving you time to explore your surroundings by yourself.

Britain's most beautiful landscapes
Walk the paths of ritual specialists and builders of Britain's most fascinating and awe-inspiring prehistoric sites, at Stonehenge and Avebury.
Visit Salisbury Cathedral and see Magna Carta
Guaranteed small groups 8 - 18 participants.

Study the ‘Heart of Neolithic Britain’, the UNESCO World Heritage landscape of Stonehenge and Avebury.

Visit the Stonehenge 'builder's village' at Durrington Walls and Woodhenge, before enjoying a leisurely stroll around Stonehenge with our passionate, expert archaeologists.

Enjoy plenty of time to explore picturesque Salisbury. One of the most uplifting experiences in English architecture, Salisbury is unique among the Gothic cathedrals in England in that it was built on a virgin site and largely in a single campaign, 1220–58. The close is the finest in the country, and the town beyond has an extensive expanse of historic fabric. Discover the history and legacy of one of the world's most celebrated documents - Magna Carta. What did the document say, and how was it interpreted over the next 800 years? Why is it still important today, and how does it affect our culture, laws and rights?

Visit the largest man-made tumuli in Prehistoric Europe - Silbury Hill

Enter the 5500 year old Neolithic tomb at West Kennet

We finish by visiting the world's largest stone circle at Avebury, with its beautiful medieval village situated inside. As John Aubrey in the 1600's notes [Avebury]..."does as much exceed in greatness the so renowned Stonehenge as a Cathedral doeth a parish church."

Leaving from London by luxury mini bus, this Stonehenge tour will explore its iconic standing stones with expert analysis by a trained archaeologist. Nearby Avebury is an even more impressive site, covering a much wider area and you will also encounter Neolithic burial tombs and the less visited ancient site of Woodhenge.

Tour itinerary.

West Kennet Long Barrow
One of the largest Neolithic burial tombs in Britain. The
West Kennet Long Barrow was constructed about 3700 BC, and was in continual use for well over 1000 years.

Silbury Hill
The largest man-made mound in ancient Europe, Silbury Hill was constructed c2800 BC. Even after centuries of research, archaeologists have still not discovered the original purpose of the Hill - ideas include it use as a territorial marker, burial mound and as a cenotaph.

Avebury Henge, Stone Circle and West Kennet Avenue
The largest stone circle in Europe, Avebury formed the centre of one of the most impressive Neolithic ceremonial landscapes in Britain. The great circles, 200 standing stones arranged in an outer and 2 inner circles, surrounded by a massive bank and ditch, were the focal point of the area. They were connected by the West Kennet Avenue of standing stones to other locales in the region, including the Sanctuary on Overton Hill - the site of a postulated temple. Hundreds of great sarsen stones from the downland around, often weighing over 20 tonnes, were used in the construction of the site, some 2500-2200 BC

Durrington Walls
The site of a large Neolithic settlement and later henge enclosure. It is 2 miles north-east of Stonehenge. Recent excavation at Durrington Walls, support an estimate of a community of several thousand, thought to be the largest one of its age in north-west Europe. At 500m in diameter, the henge is the largest in Britain and recent evidence suggests that it was a complementary monument to Stonehenge

Neolithic monument, dating from about 2300 BC, six concentric rings, once possibly supported a ring-shaped building.

Stonehenge Cursus
(sometimes known as the Greater Cursus) is a large Neolithic cursus monument next to Stonehenge. It is roughly 3km long and between 100 and 150m wide. Excavations by the Stonehenge Riverside Project in 2007 dated the construction of the earthwork to between 3630 and 3375 BC. This makes the monument several hundred years older than the earliest phase of Stonehenge in 3000 BC.

Bronze Age round barrows
The Stonehenge UNESCO world heritage site is said to contain the most concentrated collection of prehistoric sites and monuments in the world. One monument type missed by the casual observer is that of the Bronze Age round barrow (burial mounds). As we walk through this landscape, you will come into contact with these intriguing ancient burial sites and through the expertise of our tour leaders, you will come face to face with the customs and people of Bronze Age society buried in close proximity to the unique stone circle of Stonehenge. Stonehenge Avenue - Walk along the Stonehenge Avenue and approach this unique stone circle as was the intended route experienced by the Stonehenge's contempories.

Admission to Stonehenge
The great and ancient stone circle of Stonehenge is an exceptional survival from a prehistoric culture now lost to us. The monument evolved between 3000 BC - 1600 BC and is aligned with the rising and setting of the sun at the solstices.


Archaeologist Stonehnege Guided Tours conduct ONLY Archaeology Tours, and as a result we believe we offer an excellent up-to-date specialist service; giving you the opportunity to learn in great detail about these amazing prehistoric sites, but also leaving you time to explore your surroundings by yourself.

Our exclusive Archaeologist Guided Tours is operated by qualified archaeologists and our tour leaders are all qualified archaeologists, offering the most professional service possible.


Please be aware that the Stonehenge, Salisbury and Avebury Archaeology Tour entails some walking between sites. We advise you to bring appropriate footwear for walking over different terrains (including fields) and appropriate clothing (as British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times).

This is a very popular tour and must be booked well in advance!
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We can also arrange extra dates for private groups, ideal for couples, families and small groups


Tour Prices

£139 per adult
£129 per child
£135 for seniors

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