Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and the Roman Baths

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Stonehenge, Salisbury and Bath

Visit mysterious Stonehenge - Entry to Salisbury Cathedral and see the famous Magna Carta


Entry to Mysterious Stonehenge
Entry to Salisbury Cathedral and see the famous Magna Carta
Optional traditional English lunch
Entry to Roman Baths and Pump Rooms
Torch Lighting ceremony at Roman Bath (not in Summer)
Complimentary hotel pick up from over 80 central London hotels

Mysterious Stonehenge

You'll never forget your first glimpse of spectacular Stonehenge, its monolithic rocks rising up against the skyline on Salisbury Plain. Theories abound about the mysterious rock formation. Was it intended as a religious temple? An astronomical clock? A Bronze Age burial ground? Make up your own mind as you explore the unique landmark that has had the world stumped for 5,000 years.

Salisbury and the Magna Carta
Soaring into the skyline, the spire of Salisbury Cathedral stands at a whopping 123m (404ft)! Erected 800 years ago, the revolutionary spire is considered one of the leading examples of Early English architecture. Ancient meets modern at the cathedral's newest addition: a beautifully sculpted font designed by William Pye. Salisbury Cathedral is also home to the world's oldest working clock and the best-preserved of the four remaining original copies of the Magna Carta. Marvel at this astonishing medieval document in the Chapter House with its slender central pillar and stunning medieval frieze.

Optional Lunch - (click here for sample menu)
Tantalise your taste buds at a traditional English pub.


Standing proudly on the slopes of the River Avon, beautiful Bath was the first city in England to be designated an UNESCO World Heritage site. The gorgeous 15th century Bath Abbey, the stunning Georgian architecture, the romantic Pulteney Bridge, modelled on Florence's Ponte Vecchio, are all sights to linger on in the memory of your day.

Roman Baths

No tour of Bath would be complete without a visit to the famous Roman Baths that gave the city its name. This beautifully preserved bathing complex still flows with water from Britain's only hot spring. Marvel at the dazzling torch-lighting ceremony as dusk falls (not applicable in summer) and sip Bath's healing waters in the Pump Room, a stunning neo-classical salon where hot spa waters are drawn for drinking.

This tour will finish at approximately 7.00pm in London.

Free Walking Tour - Special bonus
Choose to embark upon one of many enthralling walking tours – for absolutely FREE. Why not follow in the footsteps of royalty, explore the financial epicentre of London that is the City, or attempt to uncover the ever-elusive identity of Jack the Ripper? Whichever free walking tour you decide to go on, you are sure to find it truly captivating, an experience to remember.

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City of London (Monument)
Globe/Borough Market
Embankment/Covent Garden
Jack The Ripper Walking Tour
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Tour Prices

£77 per adult
£67 per child
£70 for seniors

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