The Druid Express. Half day Stonehenge tour from Bath.

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From the elegant city of Bath we travel through the beautiful Wiltshire countryside to Stonehenge. This amazing monument was first mentioned as one of the wonders of Britain only seventy years after the Norman Conquest. It has aroused awe and curiosity ever since. This is your chance to experience it for yourself. During the journey to Stonehenge your driver guide will give you commentary on the sites we pass and there is also plenty of information for you to browse through. If English is not your first language there are audio presentations at the monument in all major languages.

At Stonehenge visitor centre there is a shop and cafe and an exhibition with 250 ancient objects. You will be provided with a multilingual audio guide to Stonehenge. Come face to face with a 5,500 year-old man and step inside the Neolithic houses to discover the tools and objects of everyday Neolithic life.

A free shuttle bus will take you to the monument itself and your driver guide will be on hand with fascinating information.


Why not go private? It may be cheaper than you think.
We can arrange custom private tours of Stonehenge from Bath for individuals and small groups. We also have expert tour guides availabe for guided walking tours of Stonehenge.

Simply contact us for further options and prices


Tour prices

£25 per adult
£20 per child
£25 for seniors

2022 Tour dates

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